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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  February 18, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> live and in high definition, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> good afternoon. are breaking news is a frightening moment for some metro passengers. the bottom of an escalator at foggy bottom collapse this morning. it created a scare for passengers nearby. mike conneen was on the scene to
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tell us what happened. >> it created a massive backup inside this station as folks are trying to get out and in using this one escalator. look at this. on the right there is one escalator that's undergoing scheduled repairs already. three steps at the bottom of the escalator reportedly dropped from beneath people as they whereon it. that has been repaired. it andy're looking at escalator and they may be investigating to make sure that does not happen to that escalator as well. metro has meant staff here making repairs. last month metro started a yearlong project to replace all three escalators at foggy bottom. according to a witness, the bottom two or three steps of the escalator collapsed. two or three people felt through a gaping hole of the bottom of the stairs with jagged steel from the overturned stair.
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people pull themselves outstanding did not appear seriously injured. one woman was shaken up. we spoke with several inches -- witnesses afterwards. >> i am glad i was not on it. i pray the people on their did not get hurt. they need to get that fixed in a hurry. no more needs to be said. it is just another residual effect of the problems that metro has been experiencing in the last few years. >> the new republican congress meanwhile is targeting funding for metro. a proposal to end an annual federal grants for the transit agency. democrats in virginia, maryland, and pc are fighting in congress, saying that these funds are vital, pointing out that many federal workers use metro to get to and from work. a billion dollars in safety recommendations has been put
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toward safety and reliability. there's no track maintenance scheduled this weekend -- there is more track maintenance scheduled this weekend alone. passengers are scared when they hear stories like this. there are still on lot of people at the metro station. they're using just one escalator to get in and out. looks like the crews will be here for the rest of the afternoon checking this extra escalator and making sure the other two are safe. reporting from southwest, mike conneen. >> you will one to add extra time into your schedule if you plan to use metro on a holiday weekend. escalator, track, and elevator repairs will impact parts of the orange, blue, and deadlines. closing at 10:00 tonight through the monday. oranges no bluem or between metro center and l'enfant plaza.
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and free shuttle buses will run between the affected stations. we are welcoming a hint of spring across our area. already we are nearing 70 degrees in some parts. temperatures are still climbing. warm weather has a stinking of spring in february. we want to know how long it will last. adam caskey has a look at the forecast. we've been waiting for the sunshine and finally it's there. >> debra cruz will climb quickly in the metro area. further off to the west, looked at the numbers where they have had more sunshine. it is already 70. 70 in martinsburg and winchester, 73 in petersburg. 70 in culpeper. reagan national, 61. 68 in lexington park. temperatures have been climbing into the seven depots across the board, partly cloudy skies. becoming gusty. there's a high wind watch in effect. i will tell you what to expect this weekend, straight ahead.
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70 is welcome relief from the bitter cold winter. with the next cold snap around a corner, people are rushing to get out and enjoy the warm weather. pamela brown is in alexandria where it looks like spring. >> good afternoon. the sunshine is out and so are the people. this is not something you typically see in february. there are kids playing in the park. over there you can seem the kids having picked. everyone is just trying to enjoy the spring-like weather lasts. as the sun pushes out of the clouds today and temperatures climb, residents with cabin fever have an extra spring in their step. >> it's fantastic, a breath of fresh air. you spent a lot of time outside. >> we are out after being inside the 00 long -- too long.
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>> his nanny says they have big plans. >> may be getting some ice- cream. and sitting around on the water and and maybe we will go to the mall. >> local garden centers, the park, and many residents are enjoying the outdoors as much as possible before old man winter pays another visit. >> unfortunately, it's not going to say this good. it's going to drop back down to low 40's. >> residents are enjoying this rare treat for now, a few spring days in february. that has not happened since 1997. many are hoping this is a prelude to an early spring. >> i think it's going to get warm soon. >> many say is a great way to kick off the holiday weekend. >> its awesome. it's great.
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february, 60 degrees. >> all good things must come to an end. snow lovers, don't give up hope. another snowstorm is not out of the question this season. forecasters say that there are signs pointing to an early spring. reporting live in old town alexandria, pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> amazing people going to get ice cream in february. enjoy the weather. moving on, a scare in the skies for passengers flying to washington. it turned out to be a false alarm. 7:30 this morning, the pilot on the u.s. airways express flight 3116 declared an amber demanding from new hampshire to reagan national. the reported possible smoke on board. fire crews were standing by as the plane landed safely at reagan. a spokesman from the airports as firefighters checked the plane and found nothing wrong. the store does county police investigating the county's 20th homicide of the year. after 6:00 last night a man was shot near recreation center on
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mistletoe spring road in laurel. he died at the scene. investigators are searching for a suspect and a motive. added security is in place at tedious effort county schools. that's after a suspect triggered a lockdown. at 7:00 deputies stopped a car outside north stafford high school. the driver pulled over, but jumped out of the car and started running. north stafford and a nearby park ridge elementary were locked down a half hour. that has been lifted now, but police are still searching for the man. we are continuing to follow a developing story out of wisconsin. now there's a fear that the crisis could spread to other states. hundreds of wisconsin schools are closed today. more than six under teachers called in sick to join demonstrations in the state capital. democratic lawmakers are missing in action. ben eisler is watching all this, live in the newsroom with the latest.
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>> it is quite a scene. dozens of people have been camping out at the wisconsin capitol three nights straight. protesters have swelled to 25,000. there could be more demonstrations like this one in ohio, missouri, new jersey, indiana, and pennsylvania. firefighters joined the it thousands of protestors flooding the capital last night, going on four days, this woman is among those who decided to pitch a tent. >> i will do everything in my power to raise awareness. >> while they stayed, senate democrats left, fleeing to illinois to put off a vote. >> by delaying the vote a while, people of the state will have more opportunity to talk about this issue. >> after they do their stock a couple of days, it's more about theatrics than anything. they will come back and realize they are elected to do a job. >> the budget would eliminate the collective bargaining rights of public workers and cut their
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salaries 7%. >> he wants to dictate what we will do and how it will be done. >> wisconsin is not the only state with a battle. thousands showed up in ohio for similar cause. democrats are planning a demonstration in indiana. some expect similar protests in missouri, pennsylvania, and new jersey. the new jersey governor has proposed a higher retirement age. >> governors have come into this room 20 years and lied to you, promised benefits they had no way to pay for. >> the wisconsin state assembly will vote on collective bargaining by the end of the day. as far as the senate, republicans have sent state troopers after the top senate just to send him a message to come back home. ben eisler, abc 7 news. on capitol hill, democrats and republicans are clashing over a looming government shut down. right now the house is working
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on republicans 1.2 trillion dollars spending bill. it cuts $60 billion in spending in the last year. the government's current funding runs out on march 4. a temporary bill is needed to keep government agencies and business. house speaker john boehner says republicans refused to pass even a temporary bill without spending cuts. looking at the day ahead, this afternoon the woman accused of throwing her granddaughter of a walkway at tyson's corner center will face a preliminary hearing. two-year-old angeline died in november. carmela dela rosa is charged with murder and has a history of mental problems according to her lawyer. the child's mother is scheduled to testify. two 60-year-olds are facing animal cruelty. anne arundel county animal control costs a five people were watching two? fight in the woods yesterday.
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the suspects ran when the parties arrived. police caught two teenagers and they were taken to the youth facility. one dog was found and taken to a veterinary hospital. coming up, celebrations in egypt today, tens of thousands packing the streets, but elsewhere the violence is spreading. and fighting the couch potato syndrome, we have good news for the d.c. region. >> [unintelligible] >> that meltdown on the air, now we know what really happened to that los angeles reporter. all that and we are enjoying this lovely taste of spring. could there be more snow just days away?
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today is being called the friday of a victory in egypt. people gathered in tahrir square. demonstrators celebrating the reign.mubarak's vendors are selling t-shirts celebrating january 25 revolution, the date the protests began. in bahrain, security forces fired tear gas at thousands of mourners. the funeral services for the slain protesters turned into more demonstrations. at least five people were killed. more than 230 were injured in the military's brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protests this week. about our weather
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situation, which is pretty close to perfect for february. >> for now. >> we can enjoy it. the sun is coming out. a lot of people were nervous that we would not have sunshine. >> i got the e-mails. sure enough, the sun is shining. this shows the sky clearing. from earlier this morning around sunrise, looking west into arlington at about 50 on the bottom right. now we are off to a lot of sunshine across the region. the cloud decks are cleared from the west to the east. still some scattered clouds for the rest of the day. now that we have the direct sunlight, temperatures are quickly responding and jumping. 67 in chevy chase, 72 in purcellville, 70 in silver
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spring, 67 in falls church. a very mild, especially this time of year. 71 in berryville. near record-breaking highs today. if we tied a record it would most likely be at dulles airport. the record high at reagan national is 76. looking to the west, noticed this big change in temperatures. temperatures quickly dropped in the midwest. from 54 in indianapolis to 44 in chicago and 22 in indianapolis. that indicates this strong cold front that is creeping in our direction. that will move through later on today and have big changes for tonight and the weekend. one of the changes is very gusty wind. there's a high wind watch in effect tonight into tomorrow. there could be high wind warnings and maybe some wind advisory. at least, wind advisory is on saturday. gary gusty wind behind that cold front. there's the cloud deck clearing
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out. just beautiful, perfect february afternoon. springlike conditions. clearing, becoming windy, temperatures near 40 tonight. temperatures will be cooler tomorrow and with gusts up to 60 miles an hour. maybe gusts of 50 miles an hour. monday night into tuesday morning we could have some winter precipitation. nothing to worry about yet. >> that is intense wind. thank you. most local adults are more active than their counterparts all across the country. this is according to the examiner. montgomery county residents are taking the lead. 70% of their residents over age 20 are inactive. the national average is 25.5% and it's the same in prince george's county. -- the national averages 25.4%
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of people in active. ow the los angeles reporter's meltdown has been figured out. >> we had a very, very [unintelligible] >> i was aware of this is not making sense. >> that is serene branson. she was reporting on the grammy awards when she lapsed into gibberish. she suffered a migraine aura that showed the same symptoms as a stroke, according to doctors. before that she said she felt a severe headache and that the words on her notes were blurry when she tried to read them. the gibberish sparked thousands of comments on line. many were concerned that she had suffered a stroke or a seizure. still to come -- >> i thought that i would be murdered. i don't want to say it. >> the woman at the center of a
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dangerous love triangle with two astronauts tells her story for the first time. and today on "oprah," a mentally ill child who tried to kill his mother when he was 7 years [ female announcer ] shopping with nutrition in mind shouldn't be hard work or cost more money.
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welcome back. you will remember this love triangle that sparked national headlines a few years ago. in astronauts drove hundreds of miles of wearing a diaper to confront a rival. somewhere lost in the story was the victim. that is until now. chris is live in new york with a
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preview of "20-20." you have spoken to the air force capt targeted by nowak. you take her back to the place where she was stalked by that woman. how does she described that day? >> vividly, painfully. this is the first time she has been back there. it starts to rain again when we went there at night, just as it had when it happened, which was spooky for her. this was a little cathartic, but it needed to be done. shame on us for not having interviewed ms. shipman. it was all about the salacious nature of it and the diaper. we forgot about the victim. that was painful to her. tonight we hear the most interesting version of the
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story, which is her account of what happens. >> she was the person most hurt by all this while everybody was talking about the larger than life aspects. if she convinced that she was actually going to be killed? >> oh, yes. that is what every hair on her head told her that night. >> so good to see you. thank you very much. we will be watching. >> thank you. >> have a great day. if passed the full story tonight at 10:00 tonight with chris and elizabeth, followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. still ahead on this lovely friday in the nation's capital, adam caskey is back with a final look at th
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tonight at 5:00, he was born in comerica and lived in the d.c. area and is now considered the most dangerous terrorist in the world. we investigate homegrown terror in our backyard, join us at 5:00. a last look at friday. we want to be in a moment. not looking ahead. >> it is going to get very windy and cold air tomorrow. that's the headline. gusts up to 60 miles an hour appear that's a serious and wind situation. next week, monday night into tuesday we could face some wintry precipitation. 60 on monday afternoon. wintry mix monday and tuesday.
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>> have a great weekend,
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